At Deligent Supply Chain Ltd, we know how to master change, to step up to the challenge of designing, integrating, managing and adapting supply chain solutions.

We're working with dynamic companies -- all across the Africa and beyond -- to find creative solutions to even the most complex challenges, and we're managing change and information in the supply chain to help our customers achieve their goals.

When Deligent Supply Chain Ltd first opened its doors in 2013, how did we help customers? We provided space to store and handle customs clearance of their products and a promise to handle their products as if they were our own. Through the years, we added customers, locations, capabilities, knowledge, and experience – until today, we are so much more than forwarders. So much more than transportation…and value-added services…and process management…and start-up expertise…and network analysis and design…or any of the single elements involved in a successful supply chain.

At DSCL, we believe it's the combination of strategic knowledge and operations excellence that makes us a different kind of supply chain partner. It's the ability to collaborate with our customers on supply chain strategies, systems and solutions that specifically address their needs. And the ability to re-think, re-design, and adapt those strategies, systems, and solutions when needs and conditions change.

When Rwanda joined East Africa community and the operalisation of East African Customs Act, it required a dynamic supply chain in this millennium, we promised that Deligent Supply Chain Ltd would be "ready-for-anything!". At DSCL, we're proud of our 5very strong and well trained team many of whom with over 10 years in the business, but we're focused on the future. We will keep expanding and improving our partnerships. We will continue to apply Our Strengths – leadership, collaboration, information, execution, flexibility, and integrity – for the benefit of our customer partners. And we will continue to be "ready for anything!"